Property Maintenance Code Enforcement

The Property Maintenance Division is charged with eliminating blight and building safety hazards and promotes building repair and renovation through education and enforcement to protect the public health, safety, and quality of life.

Residential Rental Registration & Inspection

Residential Rental Registration (RRR) Program

The purpose of Residential Rental Registration (RRR) is to enhance and update registration requirements for residential rental properties and to be able to readily identify an owner or local agent of the rental property in the event of an emergency or other property issues.

Residential Rental Property Inspection (RRI) Program

The RRI is established in response to concerns raised by tenants, neighbors, community councils, and housing advocates regarding substandard conditions in rental housing. An initial pilot program demonstrated that additional oversight of wayward housing providers through routine and ongoing inspection motivates and incentivizes the correction of code violations and the continued maintenance required to prevent deterioration of housing stock. The program is to ensure that rental property in the neighborhoods is compliant with applicable building, housing, and zoning codes.


Registration Instructions & Information

Property Maintenance Code Enforcement

We receive about 6,000 requests for service each year. These requests include tenant complaints about poor housing conditions and neighbor complaints of blight on commercial and residential buildings and premises.

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    An inspector will research the complaint and take the appropriate action. You can report complaints by phone at 311, the 311Cincy! app or the button below.

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    Zoning Code Enforcement

    We enforce the provisions of the City of Cincinnati Zoning Code (Chapter 14 and Chapter 17 of the Cincinnati Municipal Code). 

    Zoning complaints relate to illegal land use issues, including (but not limited to) front yard parking on grass, contractor's yards in residential districts and illegal commercial uses in residential districts.

    You can report complaints by phone at 311, the 311Cincy! app or the button below. When filing a complaint, please provide as much information as possible, including the address and suspected illegal use of the property.

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    Concentrated Code Enforcement

    At various times, we perform Concentrated Code Enforcement in the city. Concentrated Code Enforcement is a house-to-house inspection in code enforcement areas.

    All buildings in a neighborhood focus area are inspected on the exterior for property maintenance issues.  It is a systematic and proactive approach to addressing code violations and is typically performed as part of the Neighborhood Enhancement Program.