Landlord Payment Plan Authorization


Property Owner Authorization of Tenant Payment Plan

GCWW has partnered with Promise Network Inc., a payment processor offering a payment plan portal for customers. This payment plan portal will allow customers to agree to payment plans to pay off past due water, sewer, stormwater, and/or other charges on their GCWW billing statement. This partnership was established to assist our customers to make payments on time based on an adjusted payment schedule. Customers will not pay any transaction fees for this service.

As GCWW’s legal relationship under Cincinnati Municipal Code Chapter 401 is with property owners as landlords, we must obtain authorization from property owners to work directly with tenants to enter into payment plans with GCWW and Promise Network Inc.

If you, as owner/landlord, wish to authorize your tenant to set-up payment plans for their account(s), please complete the Landlord Payment Plan Authorization form. A form must be completed for each GCWW account number.

The authorization does not end when tenants move out/move in. Owners may revoke authorization for tenants to enter into payment arrangements by emailing or calling (513) 591-7700. This revocation will restrict tenants from agreeing to new payment plans. Any current payment plans at that time will continue as scheduled.

Submission of the Landlord Payment Plan Authorization Form does not create a legal relationship between GCWW and the tenant. The property owner remains responsible for the costs of utility service. You may click here for more information regarding landlord responsibilities.