Major Architectural Styles

Discovering the style of your house will aid in replacing missing ornamentation and in making compatible additions and changes. The more you know about the history of your house before you begin rehabilitation, the more successful and gratifying your project will be.

Identifying The Style Of Your House

The first step in identifying the style of your house is to take a good look at the outside. Take note of the roof shape, the arrangement of the windows and doors, the basic shape of the building, the materials and the details.

Keep in mind that your house may have changed since it was built. It may have a different type of siding, ornament may have been removed or added, or windows may have been changed. It is often possible to determine the style of an altered house by its shape and roof type.

Knowing the year it was built could be helpful.

After considering these factors, look at the different styles in the links above and find the house that most closely resembles yours. Your house will probably not be exactly like any of the examples shown. Look for similar shapes, materials, and details. Then read the description of that style to find out more about its history and specific characteristics.