Bicycle Transportation Plan

The Bicycle Transportation Plan was completed and approved in June of 2010. The plan lays out a comprehensive strategy for making bicycling an integral part of daily life in Cincinnati, so that persons of all ages and abilities utilize bicycles for all types of trips.

Planning Process

The Department of Transportation and Engineering worked collaboratively with local bicycle advocacy groups, community organizations, local businesses, and multiple city agencies to develop the plan. Intensive public involvement was key to the planning process, and included structured public meetings, neighborhood-based bicycle rides and web-based outreach efforts such as an interactive map and online survey.

Plan Summary

The plan recommends 445 miles of on-street and off-street facilities, to be implemented in three phases over 15 years. The on-street Bicycle Network is comprised of striped bicycle lanes, shared lane markings and other on-street facilities. The off-street Bicycle Network is comprised of shared use paths (multi-use trails), sidewalks designated for bicycle use, potential rail-with-trail corridors and connector paths.

For implementation purposes, all recommended facilities and improvements are grouped in phases:

  • Near Term: June 2010–December 2011 (14 miles)
  • Phase I: 2010–2015 (103 miles)
  • Phase II: 2016–2020 (133 miles)
  • Phase III: 2021–2025 (176 miles)

The plan also provides action steps for improving Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation.