Snow Emergency Routes

Snow Emergency Routes

Snow Emergency Routes

Parking Snow Emergency

For more severe snowstorms, the City may issue a Parking Snow Emergency. A Snow Emergency declaration initiates parking restrictions on signed routes. Cars not moved are subject to ticketing and towing.

Designated Routes

Routes are designated by signs stating "No Parking During Snow Emergency."

Police District 1

  • Reading Road: Central Parkway to Paddock Road
  • Vine Street: Mitchell Avenue to Third Street
  • Gilbert Avenue: Broadway to McMillan

Police District 2

  • Eastern Avenue: Riverside Drive from Delta Avenue to Eggleston Avenue
  • Eastern Avenue: Delta Avenue to Columbia Parkway
  • Madison Road: Woodburn Avenue to Plainville
  • Marburg Avenue: Ridge Road to Erie Avenue
  • Whetsel Avenue: Bramble Avenue to North Corp. Line
  • Observatory Avenue: Edwards Avenue to Delta Avenue

Police District 3

  • Glenway Avenue: West Corp. Line to W. 8th Street
  • Queen City Avenue: Werk Road to Beekman Street
  • Harrsion Avenue: West Corp. Line to State Avenue
  • Warsaw Avenue: Glenway Avenue to State Avenue
  • River Road: West Corp. Line to Evans Street
  • Elberon Avenue: W. 8th Street to State Avenue
  • Montana Avenue: West Fork Road to Glenmore Avenue
  • Westwood Northern Boulevard: Hopple Street to Boudinot Avenue
  • Boudinot Avenue: Glenway Avenue to Westwood Northern Boulevard

Police District 4

  • Ridge Road: Amberly Village Corp. Line to Marburg Avenue
  • Montgomery Road: Norwood Corp. Line to Silverton Corp. Line
  • Woodburn Avenue: McMillan to Dana Avenue
  • William H. Taft Road: Columbia Parkway to Vine Street
  • McMillan Street: Central Parkway to Hackberry Street
  • Paddock Road: Reading Road to Vine Street
  • Gilbert Avenue: Woodburn Avenue to McMillan Street
  • Reading Road: Paddock Road to Sunnybrook Drive
  • Dana Avenue: Reading Road to Duck Creek Road
  • Burnet Avenue: Forest Avenue to Reading Road

Police District 5

  • Martin L. King Drive: Central Parkway to Woodburn Avenue
  • Ludlow Avenue: Spring Grove Avenue to Jefferson
  • Jefferson Ave from Nixon to Ludlow
  • Hamilton Avenue: Spring Grove Avenue to Hollywood
  • Colerain Avenue: Spring Grove Avenue to Kipling Road
  • Burnet Avenue: Forest Avenue to Reading Road
  • Jefferson Avenue: McMillan St. to Martin Luther King
  • Calhoun Street: Vine Street to Clifton Avenue
  • North Bend Road: Vogel Road to Daly Road