Traffic & Road Operations Division

The Traffic and Road Operations Division is responsible for providing our community with clean and safe travel conditions in the City's public right-of-way.

The Traffic and Road Operations Division is responsible for responding to emergency services, including snow removal, landslides, floods, traffic signal and street outages, in a timely manner.  The Division is committed to ensuring safe travel by promptly responding to road emergencies and providing safe, passable streets during weather emergencies.  The Division is also charged with a variety of maintenance services.

Our goal is to manage these services in a timely and efficient manner for the benefit of the City.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Asphalt Maintenance & Pavement Repair: Filling potholes, paving, rehab of right-of-way
  • Attenuator Maintenance
  • Curb Repair
  • Emergency Services: Snow, floods, landslides, emergency right-of-way obstructions
  • Fleet Management:  heavy equipment support and maintenance
  • Roadway Lighting System: Lighting system for streets, highways and public areas
  • Snow & Ice Control: Snow emergency plan, snow alerts, and snow removal.
  • Structures: Walls, steps, bridges, fences, and storm water drainage system
  • Traffic Control: Crosswalks, line painting, detour/set up of special events, street signs, traffic control devices, traffic signals and school flashers.