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Cincinnati Police Department Contacts

Note: All telephone numbers are area code 513.

Subject Contact Name Phone
Bank Robberies Lt. Martin Mack 352-3542
CAD/RMS Project Lt. D. Lee Carmichael 263-8080
Central Business District Capt. Michael Neville 352-5435
Special Investigations Section Capt. Paul Neudigate 352-2555
Chief of Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell 352-3536
Citizen Police Academy Lt. Aaron Jones 352-3562
Communications - E911 Dispatch Mr. Joel Estes 263-8103
Community Oriented Policing Lt. Lisa Davis 352-2997
COMPSTAT (STARS) Sgt Matt Hammer 352-2989
Court Control Sgt. Gregory Crowell 352-6179
Crimestoppers PS Lesa Smith 352-3536
Criminal Investigations Captain Eliot Isaac 352-3542
Database Administrator Jim Olthaus 263-8080
Detail Coordination Sgt. Abe Lawson 564-1870
Dignitary Protection Sgt. Dominic Gulliford 352-6977
District One (Central, South) Capt. Michael John 352-3505
District Two (East) Capt. Jeffrey L. Butler, Jr. 979-4400
District Three (West) Capt. Daniel Gerard 263-8300
District Four (Central East) Capt. Maris Herold 569-8600
District Five (Central West) Capt. Bridget Bardua 569-8500
Drug Tip Hotline   352-3715
Event Planning Lt. Christopher Matzen 352-4562
Evidence Management Jenny  Schrage 352-6480
Gang Enforcement Squad Sgt. William Halusek 564-2200
Firearms Training Sgt. Brian Bender 563-7721
Financial Affairs Ella Topham 352-2987
Fleet Management Jason Hussel 352-6365
Fraud Investigations Lt. Martin Mack 352-3542
Fugitive Investigations Sgt. Eric Vogelpohl 352-3542
Grants and Grant Information Nancy Wagner 352-2586
Homicide Investigations Sgt. Joseph Briede 352-3542
Impound Stephanie Brewer 352-6370
Intelligence Unit Lt. Christine Briede 263-8207
Information Technology (Technology and Systems) Jim Olthaus. 263-8080
Inspections Lt. Barbara Young 564-1870
Investigations Bureau Executive Assistant Police Chief Lt Col. Paul H. Humphries 352-3536
License Plate Recognition (LPR) Heather Whitton 263-8080
Major Offenders Unit Lt. Martin Mack 352-3542
Motorcycle Unit Sgt. Phillip Buccino 352-2500
Neighborhood Officers Lt. Lisa Davis 352-2997
Network Administration Justin Meek 263-8080
Patrol Bureau Lt. Col. James L. Whalen 352-3536
Pawn Investigations Police Officer Mike Drexelius 352-3542
Personal Crimes Lt. Martin Mack 352-3542
Personnel Darla Meadors 352-2587
Pharmaceutical Drugs, Misuse of Specialist Kelly Raker 564-2227
Planning and Development Lt. Deborah Bauer 352-2966
Police Chief Chief Jeffrey Blackwell 352-3536
Police Patches Dan Mitchell 381-2550
Professional Standards Section Capt. Teresa Theetge 564-1840
Property Management Roger Wolf 352-2520
Public Information Ms. Tiffaney Hardy 352-3515
Records/Reports Dianne Nelson 352-6454
Support Bureau Lt. Col. David Bailey 352-3536
S.W.A.T. Sgt. Brian Meyer 352-4355
Tactical Planning Unit Lt. Mark Vennemeier 352-4355
Telephone Crime Reporting Sgt. Mark Fowler 352-2960
Traffic Unit Lt. Bruce Hoffbauer 352-2514
Training Section Capt. Douglas Wiesman 352-3562
Vice Activity, Report of Capt. Paul Neudigate 352-2555
Victims’ Advocacy Program for
Surviving families of homicide victims
Karen Rumsey 352-6421
Violence Against Children Lt. Martin Mack 352-3542
Web Site Administrator Daniel Martini 263-8080


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