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New Job Application Technology

Nov. 28

City Of Cincinnati Moves To New Online Job Application Technology

Beginning in January 2013, the City of Cincinnati will launch a new software system to improve the hiring process for job seekers and the City's human resources representatives.

Interested job seekers will be able to apply for current vacancies or sign up for new openings via the City’s website. The new software will streamline the job search and application process for job seekers.  Instead of manually applying for multiple job openings, candidates will create a user profile to submit multiple applications at once electronically.

The City will join thousands of organizations nationally who have moved into the cutting edge of online technology for human resource management by partnering with NEOGOV, the nation’s largest cloud software for human resources in government and education. Using this technology, human resources and department managers can access online records to expedite hiring and provide greater accountability when selecting new employees. 

"This is an exciting time for the City of Cincinnati as the Human Resources Department moves to provide customers with an employment opportunity model that is seamless, user-friendly, and creates greater efficiencies across our government," said Human Resources Director Georgetta Kelly.

The new system will allow hiring managers to quickly and strategically assess skill sets of talent pools utilizing an electronic sort mechanism. With the new system, administrative work and maintenance costs will be reduced as this workload will be handled by the NEOGOV system.

NEOGOV CEO Damir Davidovic said, "We look forward to assisting the City of Cincinnati in saving time and money through our NEOGOV solutions by facilitating strong and effective applicant pools for personnel managers and making job searches easier for everyone."

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