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Human Resources

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The mission of the Human Resources Department is to acquire, maximize, and leverage talent by fostering a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and value using strategic-innovative solutions, shared partnerships, and an employee-driven focus to meet the changing needs of the employees and citizens today and into the future as we position the City of Cincinnati to be an Employer of Choice.

The Divisions of the Human Resources Department include:  employee services; workforce management; and human resources shared services. 

Division of Employee Services

The mission of the Division of Employee Services is to cultivate talent by fostering an environment of employee education, engagement, and empowerment while maintaining legal compliance to ensure an efficient and effective workforce.

The Division of Employee Services functional areas consist of: labor and employee relations, equal employment opportunity, American with Disabilities Act (ADA), organizational effectiveness and workforce development.

Division of Workforce Management

The mission of the Division of Workforce Management is to recruit, acquire, and leverage a culturally diverse talent pool with the skills to meet the service delivery needs of our citizens today and tomorrow.

The Division of Workforce Management functional areas consist of:  civil service commission, recruitment, assessment and selection, classification and compensation, employee on-boarding, promotions, transfers, demotions, lay-offs, and records, and position management.

Division of HR Shared Services

The mission of the Division of HR Shared Services is to develop strategic partnerships and maximize technology to create innovative solution and enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring system alignment across the agency.

The Division of HR Shared Services functional areas consist of:  policy design and management, human resources information systems, website design, reporting analytics, budget development/monitoring, marketing/advertisement, compliance and auditing, and strategic partnerships.