Transportation & Engineering

Transportation & Engineering

Western Hills Viaduct

Western Hills Viaduct Reconstruction/Replacement Project


The Western Hills Viaduct was originally designed as a double-deck structure for automobiles and streetcars.

The eastern portion of the bridge was replaced as part of Interstate 75 construction in 1961.

Originally, both decks of the viaduct had four lanes; however, the lower deck was later restriped for three lanes. The last major rehab was in 1977.

The half mile long viaduct spans the Mill Creek Valley and CSX Railroad Yard and is used by about 55,000 vehicles per day.

The Viaduct is owned by Hamilton County but maintained by the City of Cincinnati by contractual agreement.

Need For The Project

The Viaduct is reaching the end of its design life due to:

  • Worsening structural condition (deterioration of some structural members)
  • Encased steel members difficult to inspect and maintain
  • Geometry does not meet current standards
  • Poor pedestrian and bicycle accessibility

Project Status

The Department of Transportation and Engineering, along with the Hamilton County Engineer’s Office, have contracted with URS to perform a preliminary engineering study and prepare environmental documentation.

The Preliminary Engineering Study is expected to last about three years, at which time a plan to rehabilitate or replace will be selected.  Based on the preliminary engineering performed to date, the design team is recommending replacing the viaduct with a new double deck structure on an alignment to the south of the existing viaduct.

Construction is planned to either coincide with or follow the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Reconstruction of I-75,  however, currently neither project has funding for construction or a definitive timeline for completion.

Public Outreach

DOTE provided a presentation to Council on May 28, 2014.

DOTE held three public meetings on Jan. 17 & 19, 2012, at the Camp Washing Rec. Center and the Orion Academy.

A second round of public meetings was held on September 17 & 19, 2013 at the Orion Academy and City Hall. 

About 50 residents participated in these public meetings providing the shown statistical information: