Liberty Street Complete Street

Project Architect: Matthew Andrews, 513-352-3284

The Liberty Street Complete Street project will incorporate the "complete streets" transportation policy to the redesign of Liberty Street. This policy will balance the needs of all users so that the new roadway will allow safe, convenient and comfortable travel and access for pedestrians, bicyclists, Metro bus users, the Streetcar and the automobile. While the project encompass the Liberty Street corridor from I-75 to I-71, the first phase will concentrate on Liberty Street from Central Parkway to just east of Sycamore Street.

This project is currently funded for design and construction documents only. Funding for construction will be pursued when the construction document phase starts in Fall 2014.

Red Bank Expressway: U.S. 52 to I-71

Project Engineer: Martha Kelly, 513- 352-3648

This is a major study in conjunction with Eastern Corridor Major Investment Study. Planning is being don e in partnership with Hamilton County Transportation District and Ohio Department of Transportation.

Colerain Avenue from Virginia to Leeper

Project Engineer: John Brazina, 513-352-6249

The goal is to improve the horizontal geometry and widen to standard lane widths. This project is the last piece of the improvements to Colerain Avenue north of Interstate 74.

This project is currently under construction.

Kellogg Ave – Salem Rd to Sutton Rd Improvements

Project Manager: Andrea Henderson, 513-352-6236

This project will improve safety by addressing substandard lane widths and geometric issues along Kellogg Ave. A sidepath will also be installed connecting a vital portion of the Ohio River Trail at Salem Rd with the Anderson Twp trail at Sutton Rd.

 Anticipated construction to begin in 2017.


Winton Road: Gray Road to Harbury Drive

Project Manager: Sarah Perrino, 513-352-3411

This project will include street resurfacing, curb repair and full depth repair where necessary on Winton Road to improve driving conditions. To improve pedestrian and bicycle safety, a sidewalk will be installed on both the west and east sides of Winton Road from Gray to North Bend Road.

This project will begin construction in the Spring of 2013.