Transportation & Engineering

Transportation & Engineering

About Transportation & Engineering

About Transportation & Engineering

Our mission is striving to provide a safe and balanced transportation system that supports neighborhood livability and economic vitality. We accomplish this through innovation, effective partnerships and exceptional customer service.

Office of the Director

The Office of the Director provides direction, guidance, and support to the department and other city agencies. This office provides departmental management, administration, accounting, budgeting, and information technology services. This office also provides project management, civil engineering, and surveying services to many city agencies.

Transportation Planning & Urban Design

The Transportation Planning and Urban Design Division develops regional and citywide transportation and urban design plans and policies. The division provides architecture, urban design, environmental graphic design and print graphics for downtown, neighborhood business districts, housing and industrial areas of the city.


Engineering manages much of Cincinnati's transportation infrastructure, including its bridges, viaducts, roadways, retaining walls, sidewalks and hillside steps. The division provides civil engineering design, asset management, construction management and project management services needed to design, construct and maintain these transportation facilities. The division recommends and enforces laws and policies for utility, and private use and construction within public rights-of-way.


The Aviation Division manages Cincinnati Municipal Lunken and Blue Ash Airports, providing safe, secure, self-supporting and first-class airport facilities. The division manages general operation and maintenance of these airports and their public facilities to provide safe, secure and convenient air transportation service for businesses and citizens while working to enhance the quality of life of surrounding communities.

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Division provides for the safe and efficient movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in public rights-of-way. This division provides design services for the City's traffic signal and street lighting systems. The agency also provides design services for street signs and pavement markings and coordinates traffic control for special events and construction projects.