Human Resources

Human Resources

Co-Op/Student Intern Program

City Of Cincinnati's Co-Op/Student Intern Program


To create exciting and meaningful work environments that connect classroom learning to real world experiences to attract students around the region who will launch into the next workforce generation.


It is the goal of the City of Cincinnati’s Co-Op/Student Intern Program to attract students who are interested in careers with the public sector. We envision a stronger workforce for tomorrow beginning with the cultivation of motivated students today. In order to accomplish this we, the City organization, will continually collaborate with our departments to provide meaningful work experiences as they complete their educational program.

Student Opportunities

The City of Cincinnati will be working with our departments to enhance our student project work. We feel it is important to offer a variety of  exciting public sector opportunities. These opportunities can illustrate to students the energy and care that goes on behind the scenes in many government organizations.

We will work upfront to ensure the students are able to network with other departments, outside contractors and other Co-Op/Student Interns and have some fun during their time with the City of Cincinnati.

It is our goal to connect with the educational institutions during the fall and spring to provide the most recent program information as well as collect updates from the schools and students.

The City’s program will include high school, undergraduate, graduate level and recent graduates. “Recent graduate” will be defined as students who have graduated within the last six (6) months to a year prior to internship.

An Internship with the City can offer students a short term yet rewarding, challenging and intentional assignment. There will be care taken in choosing the assignments based on student's specific educational and/or career related goals.

Co-operative Education assignments will help transition the student from classroom learning to meaningful practical application. Through this Co-op initiative, the City will work with colleges and universities to unite student educational objectives to documented performance measures, while possibly providing the student with compensation for the designated period of time.

It is our commitment to utilize the talents, skills and interests of our Co-Op/Student Interns to participate in various levels of project work. In addition, Co-Op/Student Interns will be utilized on a short term basis where departments need additional support. The City will provide two experience assessments, during the mid-point and at the end of the students work period. The first form is completed by the Supervisor on the performance of the Co-Op/Student Intern. The second form will be completed by the Co-Op/Student Intern about the program, their learning opportunities and work assignments. This is meant to serve as a mentoring tool to boost skills in giving and receiving critical feedback and determining other areas of development. Completed student experience assessments will provide the program with meaningful feedback for continuous growth in each new season.

The City recognizes that our efforts to enhance students paths from education to career applicability has proven to be mutually beneficial for the students and the City. We also feel confident that our investment in students will help shape the regional workforce in years to come.

As the Co-Op/Student Interns Program moves forward the City of Cincinnati will have an opportunity to showcase the dynamic organization that we are!