Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Enquirer Article: Facts About Water Rates

Dec. 19

Today’s Cincinnati Enquirer reported incorrect information regarding increasing costs for water.

Greater Cincinnati Water Works was granted a 7.25%  rate increase by Cincinnati City Council --not a 7.5% rate increase as reported in The Cincinnati Enquirer.  

The average local residential customer uses about 4,220 gallons of water per month. Based on local water usage, the 7.25% rate increase will add less than 4-cents a day or $1.12 per month to the average residential water bill. That’s about $13.66 more for the year– not $50 as reported in the Cincinnati Enquirer.  National industry standard water usage is 18,700 gallons per quarter. That’s about 5 cents a day or about $18 a year more for water.

Your water bill pays to keep your water safe, reliable and there for you whenever you need it. 

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