Parking Facilities Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where is monthly parking available?
    Please see the Garages & Lots page for more options.
  2. How much is parking downtown?
    Parking rates vary by location, time of day, and/or the scheduling of a special event. Monthly rates vary from $25 to $150. Daily rates vary from $1.50 to $15. Rates for specific facilities can be obtained by calling 513-352-1902 during normal business hours.
  3. How do I report a broken parking meter?
    The City's Parking Enforcement and Meter Repair Section can be reached at 513-352-4527.
  4. What is the height clearance of a garage?
    Most City facilities have a 6-foot-6-inch clearance.
  5. How do I complain about a private parking operator?
    Violations are investigated by the City's Public Vehicle Section at 513-352-3708.
  6. What holidays can I park for free at meters?
    Please see the Holidays page for details.
  7. How do I get the parking signs in front of my office or home changed?
    Contact Traffic Engineering at 513-352-6229 during normal business hours.
  8. How do I get a parking meter installed or removed?
    Contact Traffic Engineering at 513-352-6229 during normal business hours.
  9. I was overcharged for parking. How do I get a refund?
    If the incident took place in a City parking facility, contact Parking Facilities at 513-352-1902. They will investigate the claim and advise the person of refund procedures.
  10. How do I get my vehicle out of impound?
    Please see this list of Frequently Asked Questions for details.