Parking Facilities

Parking Facilities

Parking Ticket Complaint Process

Parking Ticket Complaint Process

Parking Meters

If you receive an infraction for parking at an expired meter and you suspect the meter is not operating properly, send your copy of the infraction along with a letter of explanation to:

Parking Enforcement & Meter Repair Office
300 W. 6th St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Be sure to include your name and address.

Fines double after 168 hours. Please mail your infraction and complaint to us as soon as possible before the fine doubles!

Upon receipt of your letter, we will place a "hold" on the infraction. The "hold" will prevent the fine from doubling.

We will test the meter in question to ensure it is operating according to the manufacturer's standards.

If we uncover any operating defects, we will request cancellation of the infraction and inform you of this action.

If we discover no operating defects, we will return the infraction to you. You will then have 168 hours to pay the fine or request a hearing.

Other Violations

If you suspect that the infraction is in error or it contains incorrect information, call the Parking Enforcement and Meter Repair Office at 513-352-4527. An employee will review your complaint and advise you.

For other complaints, you may request a hearing.

A Hearing Officer, appointed by the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, will review any infraction if requested.

The Hearing Officer may uphold the infraction, cancel the infraction, or modify the infraction.

You may request to appear before the Hearing Officer or conduct the appeal through the mail.

To request a hearing in person appear at:

Hamilton County Municipal Court Clerk's Office
314 East 9th St., Room 115
Cincinnati, OH 45202-2207

The hours are 8 a.m. to 330 p.m., Monday through Friday. Enter on the 9th Street side.

You can also schedule a hearing by writing to:

Clerk of Municipal Court
Hamilton County Municipal Court Clerk's Office
314 East 9th St., Room 115
Cincinnati, Oh 45202-2207

Your copy of the parking infraction MUST accompany the request.

Failure to comply with these instructions can result in a default judgment with all fines, penalties, fees, and costs according to law. Your vehicle can be impounded and you vehicle registration privileges suspended. You will not be permitted to purchase, renew, or transfer your vehicle license plates.