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Office Of Budget & Evaluation

The Office of Budget and Evaluation is responsible for budget development, budget monitoring, policy research, assisting in performance management, and the general administration of the programs funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Office of Budget and Evaluation is part of the Office of the City Manager.

Department Of Finance

The Department of Finance is the fiscal office of the City, with responsibility for the Divisions of Accounts and Audits, Income Tax, Risk Management, Treasury and Purchasing. All receipts and disbursements are channeled through this department.

Accounts & Audits Division

The Accounts & Audits Division maintains the records on the financial position of each of the City's nearly 200 funds, monitors annual expenditures assuring that expenditures are within the available resources, prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and assures acceptance of the City's fund accounting system by Federal, State and independent auditors.

This Division is responsible for the bi-weekly payroll system, supports the Cincinnati Human Resources Information System, prepares the annual Cost Allocation Plan and indirect cost rates for Federal grants, maintains records regarding unemployment benefits of former employees charged to the City, monitors compliance with the appropriation/spending requirement of the infrastructure tax levy, is the custodian of all official bonds, deeds and contracts of the City, and supports the Cincinnati Financial System.

Income Tax Division

The Income Tax Division provides taxpayer service and education, ensures taxpayer compliance with the City's tax code, pursues payment of past due tax liabilities, and processes income tax forms and payments.

Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division of the Finance Department is charged with the acquisition of all supplies, materials and equipment required by departments and offices of city government. Printing Services and Supplies is also part of the Purchasing Division.

Risk Management Division

The Risk Management Division works to protect the City government against the financial consequences of loss and to minimize the total long-term costs of all activities related to the identification, prevention and control of losses and their consequences to the City government.

The Division administers the City's self-insured worker's compensation program, some employee benefit plans, manages the City's IWP (injury with pay) program validating and approving claims, selects and manages various property and casualty insurance policies for the City and administers the City's Employee Health Clinic. The various plans the Division handles include medical, life, disability and flexible spending accounts (FSA).

Risk Management's Employee Safety Section strives to protect people, property and the environment through the application of accepted loss control practices.

Treasury Division

The Treasury Division aims to fulfill all of its statutory responsibilities in ways which efficiently and economically give the citizens of Cincinnati safety, liquidity, and yield in the collection, investment and disbursement of their money, operating at all times to the highest ethical standards.

We will accomplish our mission by identifying, employing, training, supporting, and advancing well-qualified and highly motivated people, providing them clear and consistent policy guidance, and giving them the working environment and state of the art equipment they need to perform fully to their capabilities.