Citizen Complaint & Internal Audit

Citizen Complaint & Internal Audit

About Us

About The Citizen Complaint Authority

The Citizen Complaint Authority (CCA) was established in 2003 as a result of the Memorandum Agreement and the Collaborative Agreement (CA) between the U.S. Department of Justice and the City of Cincinnati.

CCA has three components:

  • a Board of seven citizens appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council
  • a full-time Director with support staff
  • a team of professional investigators.

Depending on the type of complaint, complaints are assigned for investigation by our office or referred to the Citizen Complaint Resolution Process (CCRP) under the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD).

Upon completion of an investigation, the Director forwards the investigative report to the CCA Board.

Similarly, when a complaint is referred to CPD, CPD reports the results of that process to the CCA Board.

The Board typically meets the first Monday of each month to review completed investigations. Board meetings are open to the public. Findings and recommendations are subsequently forwarded to the City Manager for final disposition.

About Internal Audit

The operational/performance audit function in the City of Cincinnati is accomplished through an Internal Audit Division of Internal Auditors reporting to the City Manager and the CCIA Director.

Internal Audit was established by City Council in 1982 and its authority specified by Article II, Section 15 of Cincinnati’s Administrative Code. The establishing legislation stipulates that the division, "...examine and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of management controls in all city departments, independent boards and commissions."

The Division shall identify and recommend to appropriate units of management relevant opportunities to reduce cost, improve performance, and increase productivity of personnel and assets.

Access to all City functions, records, property and personnel necessary to achieve operational/performance audit objectives are also granted by the Administrative Code.

Internal Audit's goals are to:

  • Identify, schedule and conduct operational/performance audits with emphasis on identifying recommendations that strengthen management controls and reduce the costs of operations.
  • Report significant audit findings and recommendations to the entity under audit, the Audit Committee, the CCIA Director and City Council in written report.
  • Establish follow-up procedures and schedule projects to ascertain that appropriate action is taken on audit recommendations accepted by management.
  • Maintain a professionally competent audit staff; provide training and professional development opportunities.
  • Maintain policies and procedures for the conduct of operational/performance audits consistent with applicable laws and professional standards.
  • Coordinate operational audit efforts with city and other agencies to achieve desired audit coverage without duplication.