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Internal Audits To Aid Improvement

Dear Neighbor:

Over a period of years, we have been taking cuts to the administrative arms of City government. Due to budgetary constraints, we have not always been able to invest in technology upgrades. As a consequence, we do not always have the most desirable systems in place, and in some instances, our separation of duties equation is not quite there.

With this in mind, I am working closely with Lauren Sundararajan, Internal Audit Manager, to direct her limited staff to areas where our risk potential is higher than average. This is the utilization of a management tool -- an internal audit -- to help illuminate our weaknesses so we can set a path for improvement. Read More

Citizen Complaint & Internal Audit

The mission of the Department of Citizen Complaint and Internal Audit is to investigate allegations of misconduct by police officers including, but not limited to, shots fired, death in custody, and use of force with the ultimate goal of addressing citizens' concerns and improving citizen perceptions of quality police service in the City of Cincinnati. The Department also examines and evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of management controls in all City departments, independent boards, and commissions. The department shall act independently consistent with its duties and responsibilities.

Citizen Complaint Authority was established in 2003 as a result of the Memorandum Agreement and the Collaborative Agreement (CA).

CCA has three components: a Board of seven citizens appointed by the mayor and approved by City Council; a full-time Director with support staff; and a team of professional investigators.

The operational/performance audit function in the City of Cincinnati is accomplished through an Internal Audit Section reporting to the Audit Committee and the CCIA Director.Read More

Pamela King

Acting Director Of Citizen Complaint & Internal Audit

Pamela King began her career with the City of Cincinnati as an Investigator for the Office of Municipal Investigations (OMI). Ms. King worked approximately three years as an Investigator for OMI before transferring to the Department of Community Development as a Senior Community Development Analyst. Prior to her employment with the City, Ms. King worked for 20 years as a Probation Officer for the Hamilton County Juvenile Court.

Ms. King retired from the City of Cincinnati in 2009 and remained retired for five months when she was recruited to work for the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati as Coordinator of their Summer Youth Employment Program. She was then promoted to Director of Health Initiatives. Ms. King worked in that capacity until April 2013, when she returned to the City to work as an Investigator for the Citizen Complaint Authority. Ms. King was appointed Acting Director by Interim City Manager Scott Stiles on July 1, 2014.


Contact Citizen Complaint & Internal Audit

Citizen Complaint & Internal Audit
805 Central Ave., Suite 610
Cincinnati, OH 45202
513-352-3158 (fax)

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