Bicycle Transportation Program

Riverside Drive Improvements

Aug. 15

Riverside Drive Improvements

St. Andrews To Congress Completed

The City of Cincinnati is continuously looking for ways to improve quality of life for residents, and enhance neighborhoods in ways that are more in line with our community's interests in walkable, bike-friendly and sustainable neighborhoods.

To this end, the Department of Transportation & Engineering (DOTE) has resurfaced Riverside Drive between St. Andrews Street and Congress Avenue, and installed a new lane striping configuration in this area.

Benefits of the new design include:

  • One motor vehicle travel lane in each direction can induce traffic calming on a busy, high-speed street
  • 24-hour parking on one side of the street reduces the need to move parked cars back and forth throughout the day (parking is on the north side of the street from Bains to St. Andrews, and on the south side of the street from St. Andrews to Congress)
  • Shortened crossing distances for people trying to cross the street, which will make crossings more comfortable and safe
  • Bicycle lanes on both sides of the street provide a safe space for people to bike
  • An additional buffer space between moving motor vehicles and people walking on the sidewalk
  • Extra space between the curb and the travel lane enables easier right turns and improves sight distance when backing in and out of driveways

DOTE believes that this project will calm traffic and improve Riverside Drive for residents, people who walk, people who drive, and people who ride bikes.

DOTE will begin similar improvements on Riverside Drive between Bains Street and St. Andrews Street next spring once Duke Energy has completed utility work in the area.

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