Bicycle Transportation Program

Bicycle Transportation Program

Bike Infrastructure

Cincinnati's Bike Friendly Infrastructure


Bike LanesBike lane

A bike lane is a portion of the roadway which has been designated by striping, signing and pavement markings for the exclusive use of bicyclists. Note the bicycle symbol, the arrow above, and the solid white line to the left of the lane.



Wide Curb Lanes

A wide curb lane is a shared lane that is sufficiently wide for motor vehicles to pass bicycles in the same lane without needing to change lanes or crowd the cyclist. There are no pavement markings or striping used to designate wide curb lanes. The recommended travel lane width for shared use by motor vehicles and bicycles is 14 feet.

Unmarked Shared Roadways

Most streets in Cincinnati that do not include specific bicycle facilities like bike lanes or sharrows are considered "unmarked shared roadways." Such roadways are open to both bicycle and motor vehicle travel, but do not include special pavement markings for bicycles.




Shared-Use Paths/TrailsShared Path sign

A shared-use path is a paved path separated from the road for the use of bicyclists, walkers, runners, and in-line skaters. A special green sign indicates the limits of these paths. Some shared-use paths are part of trail systems and will have signage designating them as such. (i.e. the Ohio River Trail).




Share the Road SignageShare the Road Sign

Share the Road signs are installed on roadways that are preferred routes for cyclists. The signs remind motorists to expect to see cyclists on these roads, and remind both cyclists and motorists to be courteous to one another and share the roadway safely.



Sharrow/Change Lanes To Pass SignageShared Lane/Change Lanes to Pass Sign

These signs are located in corridors where multiple sharrows have been installed. The signs remind motorists that they will be sharing a lane with cyclists and that they must change lanes in order safely pass cyclists.



Loop Detector Markings

Bicycle-specific pavement markings and instructional signage have been installed at priority intersections to show cyclists where to position themselves in order to trigger the green light.





Major trails in southwest Ohio include the Ohio River Trail, the Queen City-South Mill Creek Greenway Trail and the Little Miami Trail.


Sharrows, or shared lane markings, are pavement markings that are installed within lanes shared by cars and bicycles.

Bike Parking
Bike Parking

Bicycles may be legally parked on sidewalks and locked at any parking meter, parking sign, or three-legged sign pole. The City also has installed more than 450 bike racks, bike corrals, and requires bicycle parking in new parking garages.