Bicycle Transportation Program

Bicycle Transportation Program

Bike Maps

These bike maps show many popular routes around Cincinnati, including bike lanes, trails and shared use paths.

Cincinnati Bike Route Guide

The Cincinnati Bike Route Guide shows bike suitability ratings for many streets, "memorable" hills, and recommended river crossings. Paper copies are available and free, however there is a $1 fee for postage and handling if ordered from the OKI Regional Council of Governments (513-621-6300).

Existing Bicycle Network

This map shows the location of existing bicycle facilities such as bike lanes, sharrows, and shared-use paths.

Ohio River Trail Map

This map shows the segments of the Ohio River Trail that have been completed or are currently being designed.

Running Laps Map

This map shows the mileage between various points along the Ohio River Trail, Lunken Loop, and Armleder Park Trail

Downtown Bike Racks

This map shows the location of several of the types of racks found in Cincinnati: ring, rail-type, inverted U, covered, corrals, and the undesignated three-legged sign-pole.