Bicycle Transportation Program

Public Meeting on Madison Road

Nov. 28

Madison Road: Cleinview Avenue to Beech Crest Lane

Madison Road is one of the three high-usage “early implementation corridors” called out in the 2010 Bicycle Transportation Plan. In 2009 sharrows were installed between Beech Crest Lane and Torrence Parkway. In 2010 bicycle lanes were installed between Torrence Parkway and Observatory Avenue. In 2011 sharrows were installed between Observatory Avenue and Oakley Square. To the west, bicycle lanes were installed on Martin Luther King Drive in 2011 between Reading Road and Victory Parkway, and sharrows were installed from Victory Parkway to Woodburn Avenue.

In October of 2010 the Department of Transportation & Engineering began studying Madison Road between Woodburn Avenue and Beech Crest Lane to determine if a bicycle facility could be added as part of the 2012 street rehabilitation. This street segment is the last gap in what is otherwise a continuous bicycle facility on MLK/Madison Road between Reading Road in Avondale and Ridge Road in Oakley.

DOTE conducted several parking studies between Woodburn Avenue and Beech Crest Lane. DOTE’s studies indicated that on-street parking was rarely used east of Cleinview Avenue (typically one car on the north side of the street). In June of 2011 DOTE sent a postcard survey to residents and businesses along this segment of Madison Road, asking for their feedback on a proposal to restripe Madison Road with center two-way left turn lanes and bicycle lanes. The proposal restricted on-street parking east of Cleinview Avenue. The results from the survey came back split evenly, and DOTE approached the East Walnut Hills Assembly (EWHA) for direction. In June of 2012 the EWHA held a public meeting and discussed the restriping proposal. The Assembly approved the proposal by a vote of 23 to 2.

Due to community concerns, DOTE is now asking for feedback on a second proposal that would maintain parking on the south side of Madison Road, but eliminate the center two-way left turn lanes. Bicycle lanes would remain on both sides of the street.

Both striping options will be presented at the East Walnut Hills Assembly meeting on December 5th at 7pm at the St. Francis DeSales School. A drawing of the two options can be viewed here.

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