Bicycle Transportation Program

Pavement Sensor Markings For Bicyclists

Oct. 17

New Markings Show Bicyclists How To Trip Green Light Sensors

The City of Cincinnati wants bicycling to be an integral part of daily life for commuters. But an obstacle for many bicyclists is that they can't trigger a green light at an intersection when a motor vehicle isn't around.

To help solve this problem, the City has started installing bike-specific pavement markers to show bicyclists where they should be to trip the green light.

Michael Moore, Director of the Department of Transportation & Engineering said, "We want all Cincinnatians to be able to incorporate cycling into their daily routine, for exercise, short errands, and even commuting to work. These new pavement markings are just one more way that the city is working to make bicycle trips safer and more efficient."

In recent months, the City of Cincinnati's Bicycle Transportation Program has installed new bicycle lanes, new shared lane markings, new shared lane signage, and provided bicycle corrals for the MidPoint Music Festival.

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