Sharrows on the pavement


Sharrows (shared lane markings) are pavement markings that are installed within shared travel lanes (lanes shared by cars and bicycles). The marking is a bicycle with a chevron above it.

Sharrows can be helpful on streets where there is insufficient space to add bicycle lanes. Sharrows help cyclists position themselves within the lane safely to avoid being squeezed off the road or hit by suddenly opened car doors.

If a cyclist is riding too close to the curb and a motorist attempts to pass the cyclist too closely, the cyclist could crash into the curb and fall off of their bike.

If a cyclist is riding too close to parked cars, and somebody were to open a car door, the cyclist could possibly get injured, especially if there was passing automobile traffic.

By riding through the center of the sharrow, the cyclist positions himself or herself a safe distance from the curb or parked cars.

Sharrows are currently installed on segments of Clifton Avenue, Ludlow Avenue, Madison Road, and Spring Grove Avenue. Additional streets will have sharrows installed over the next few years.

Sharrows are installed on streets with heavy 24-hour on-street parking, and on streets with no parking where the travel lane is too narrow for a motorist to pass a cyclist without changing lanes.