Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Greater Cincinnati Water Works

About Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Greater Cincinnati Water WorksOur mission is to provide customers within our regional communities a plentiful supply of the highest quality water and excellent services.

Greater Cincinnati Water Works has been a municipally owned and operated utility since it was purchased by the City of Cincinnati in 1839.

GCWW has always taken the lead in water quality research and technology to protect public health. We have been featured nationally for our state-of-the-art water treatment and research. To ensure the highest quality drinking water, we test the water more than 600 times a day from the source through treatment and in the distribution system.

GCWW supplies more than 48 billion gallons of water a year through 3,000 miles of water mains to about 235,000 residential and commercial accounts.

GCWW's service area has grown to include the entire City of Cincinnati, most of Hamilton County and parts of Butler and Warren Counties in Ohio. In 2003, GCWW started selling water to Boone County and Florence, Kentucky via a pipeline installed under the Ohio River.

Greater Cincinnati Water Works water meets or exceeds all state and federal health standards.