Changes For Retirees Effective Jan. 1, 2012

Health Coverage

Please see the Health Insurance page of this site for details on any changes to health care coverage.

Retiree Burial Benefits

Before July 1, 2011 CRS provided a burial benefit of $7,500 to a designated beneficiary upon the death of a CRS retiree. Burial benefits are not payable due to the death of a spouse.

As of July 1, 2011, the burial benefit has been reduced to $5,000 for CRS members who retired on or before 7/1/11. Members who retire after 7/1/11 are no longer eligible for a burial benefit.

Beneficiary Designation Forms

Retirees are strongly encouraged to review and update, if appropriate, their Beneficiary Designation form on file with CRS. It is important that CRS have current and accurate information about designated beneficiaries in order to process correct and timely burial benefit claims if eligible, and/or a return of a retiree’s accumulated contributions that were not received back in retirement pension payments.

The Change of Beneficiary form is available from the Retirement Office by calling 513-352-3227 or you can print a copy from this Beneficiary Form document. These forms must be signed by the retiree and their signature must be notarized.

Help Us Stay Connected With You!

We have lots of information and reasons to communicate with our members, especially in these times of significant change. Please help us stay connected by ensuring we have the correct mailing address and contact information for you. This can include, home and cell phone numbers, and email addresses.

You can update your information in writing by mailing to:

Cincinnati Retirement System
801 Plum St., Suite 240
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Or, you can send an email to

For security purposes, we do not accept address changes by phone.