Ready to Retire

Within 60 days of your planned retirement date, you can call the CRS office at 513-352-3227 to request a Pension Benefit estimate based on the retirement date that you indicate.

Once you have settled on a retirement date, you must notify your immediate supervisor or your Department/Division HR Liaison to inform them of your decision to retire and your retirement effective date. 

Pensions are paid 2 months in arrears and paid through Direct Deposit.  Retirement effective date is ALWAYS the first day of a month.  

Once your retirement eligibility has been verified by the CRS Office, your Department/Division HR Liaison will provide you with an Application for Service Retirement for you to complete and sign. After you have signed the Retirement Application, an authorized official of your Department will sign the Application and return it to the CRS office for processing.

You may rescind (withdraw) your Retirement Application PRIOR to your Retirement Effective Date  Your rescission must be in writing, signed by you and dated AND received by the CRS office no later than close of business on the last business day before your Retirement Effective date (the date that you are going to retire). If your Retirement Application is not rescinded (withdrawn) prior to the close of business on the last business day before your Retirement Effective date, then your Application will be irrevocable.

Once the CRS office receives your signed Retirement Application from your Department/Division HR Liaison, you’ll be enrolled for the next available Retirement Processing Session (not more than 2 months prior to your retirement date).  The signed Retirement Application must be received at least one week prior to the Retirement Processing Session in order to be admitted into that session. Your HR Liaison should provide you with a copy of the CRS Retirement Schedule for the current year that provides dates for the monthly Retirement Processing Session, the last day on payroll, retirement effective date, lump sum check date, and your 1st pension check.

The monthly Retirement Processing Sessions are ONLY for the benefit of members who have selected a retirement date within the next 60 days, in order to complete all necessary paperwork and answer questions regarding retirement benefits.  These sessions are designed to assist those members transitioning from active employment to retirement.  The CRS does NOT provide individual appointments for employees who are planning to retire.

Once the signed Retirement Application is received, CRS will mail out a packet of general information including:

  • Healthcare benefits;
  • A detailed description of benefit payment options;
  • Important dates for Retirees;
  • A listing of documents that must be provided by the member at the retirement processing session;
  • A listing of documents to be signed by the member at the retirement processing session;
  • Loan repayment requirements;
  • Information about Medicare;
  • Information about the designation of Beneficiaries and Optionees;
  • How to request a deferral of your lump sum payout to a 457 Deferred Compensation plan.

Documents requiring a member’s signature will be distributed at the Retirement Processing Session; no documents requiring signatures will be provided to the members in advance of the session.

CRS staff does NOT and will NOT offer or provide financial or legal advice to anyone. The decision to retire is an entirely private decision based on each individual’s life and financial situation. The CRS endeavors to provide accurate and timely information about retirement benefits to all members in a courteous and professional manner.