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Public Hearing: Budget & Finance Committee

Jun. 17

Public Hearing Notice: Budget & Finance Committee

The Cincinnati City Council's Budget and Finance Committee has scheduled a Public Hearing on Monday June 17, 2013, at 10:30 a.m., to be held at Cincinnati City Hall, Council Chambers, Room 300, 801 Plum Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, to discuss proposed changes in Chapter 311 of the Cincinnati Municipal Code. The Municipal Code amendments were drafted to allow for assessment of a $50 penalty for taxpayers who have not filed required income tax returns. The following is a description of the proposed revisions:

MODIFYING the provisions of Sections 311-19, "Returns Must be Filed; Time of Filing," 311-31, "Collections at Source; Withholding," 311-51, "Annual Return Required," and 311-63, "Interest and Civil Penalties," of Chapter 311, "City of Cincinnati Income Tax," of the Cincinnati Municipal Code in order to implement a penalty for taxpayers who fail to file a required tax return.

Committee Members
Roxanne Qualls, Chair
Yvette Simpson, Vice Chair
Laure Quinlivan
Chris Seelbach
P.G. Sittenfeld
Chris Smitherman
Pamula Thomas
Charles Winburn
Wendell Young

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