Streetcar Funding

Funding For The Cincinnati Streetcar

Committed Federal Funds Source Amount
Urban Circulator Grant FTA $24,990,000
CMAQ OKI $4,000,000
TIGER 3 USDOT $15,920,000
SORTA Rail ROW Grant FTA $268,278
Sub-total $45,178,278
Committed City Funds Amount
Property Tax Capital $33,400,000
Income Tax Capital $4,600,000
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) $11,000,000
Blue Ash Sale $11,000,000
Other Development Fund Revenue $14,000,000
Reprogrammed Capital & TIF Resources $7,400,000
Duke Energy/Streetlight Sale Proceeds & Private Contributions $6,500,000
Sub-total $87,900,000
Potential City Funds (in escrow pending judicial resolution of Duke utility relocation)
Blue Ash Sale $15,000,000
Grand Total $148,078,278