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What Is The Cincinnati Streetcar?

Streetcar vehicle front viewThe Cincinnati Streetcar is an electric mode of transportation operating in its first phase on a 3.6-mile loop connecting key communities in the city’s urban core.

Running up to 18 hours a day and 365 days a year, the streetcar will be a vital complement to the city's existing Metro and other transportation systems.

The vision remains to create a streetcar system that spurs development and is part of a larger multimodal transportation system that links areas outside the downtown core and throughout the region. Learn More

Why Are We Building The Streetcar?

Development opportunitiesDesigned to improve neighborhood accessibility, stimulate development and create jobs, the Cincinnati Streetcar is on track to revitalize and connect key communities throughout Cincinnati's urban core.

The Cincinnati Streetcar means more jobs, more development, and more livable communities.

Across the nation, streetcar systems have brought in numerous new businesses along the routes because owners can count on a steady stream of customers to pass by each day. Buses and other transportation-oriented investments don't have a proven record of attracting such an influx of business. Learn More

Construction Progress

Streetcar Stakeholders Presentation - August 13, 2014

Click here for a copy of the latest update from the last Streetcar Stakeholders Meeting on August 13, 2014. 

Video: On The Streets Of Cincy (Part 6)

Watch Episode 6 of "On the Streets of Cincy," bringing you the latest on the road impacts of City construction projects!

Streetcar Progress Update: August 11, 2014
Streetcar Progress Update: August 11, 2014

Downtown trackwork begins this week on Walnut Street

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