Streetcar Progress Update: Jan. 3, 2014

Jan. 3

Streetcar Progress Update: Week Ending Jan. 3, 2014

Construction of the Cincinnati Streetcar is continuing north on Elm Street.

Trackwork is underway on Elm between roughly Elder and Henry streets.

This week, crews also did some exploratory digging for utilities on Walnut between 5th and 7th streets.

Trackwork looking north

Rails are in place along Elm Street just north of Findlay Market. Crews use a Heat King system to keep trackbed warm for tomorrow's big concrete pour. There's heated antifreeze running through those tubes, which radiate the heat to the steel. They'll be covered with blankets tonight and pulled off for the pour. The same tubes will be laid on the placed concrete to keep it warm as it cures.

The cross piece here (called a "cross bonding") is to ensure there's equal voltage on each rail. If there's a difference ("voltage differential"), it could create electrolytic corrosion.

Materials are ready at the Maintenance & Operations Facility site for stormwater detention work.

Weekend Concrete Pour

We're planning to place concrete tomorrow (Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014) along a 240-foot section of track in Elm Street, between Elder and Findlay streets.

One lane will stay open to traffic (just like it is right now.)

Planned For Next Week

  • Water main installation will resume on Walnut Street south of Central Parkway.
  • Traffic control conduit installation will resume on Elm Street between 14th and 15th streets.
  • New sewer installation will resume on Race Street between Liberty and Elder streets.
  • Stormwater detention work will start at the Maintenance & Operations Facility site, near Henry and Race streets.
  • Exploratory digging for utilities will continue on Walnut near 6th Street. Work will start one block south, on Walnut near 5th Street.
  • Rail installation and concrete work for the track will continue on Elm north of Findlay Street. Traffic will be limited to one lane.
  • Restoration of Elm between Elder and Findlay streets will be completed so it can be opened back up to traffic.
  • Duke Energy's underground electrical work will resume on 12th Street near Walnut Street.
  • Duke's underground gas work will resume on Main Street near 6th Street.
  • Cincinnati Bell's work will take place on Race Street between Findlay Market and Liberty Street.

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