Design & Route

The Cincinnati Streetcar is a modern streetcar system designed to link major employment centers in Downtown and Uptown, connecting through Cincinnati's historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

It will operate 18 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Streetcar Route: Banks to CBD to OTR

The streetcar route is 3.6 miles long.

It will travel on a loop from Second Street (at The Banks on the riverfront) to Henry Street (just north of Findlay Market in Over the Rhine).

Popular destinations between these points include:

  • Government Square
  • Fountain Square
  • Contemporary Arts Center
  • Public Library
  • Aronoff Center
  • Horseshoe Casino
  • Gateway Quarter
  • School for the Creative and Performing Arts
  • Music Hall
  • Washington Park

Cincinnati Streetcar route map

Why This Route?

Downtown is Cincinnati’s largest employment center, with approximately 70,000 people in the area every day. It has been proven in cities from Atlanta to Seattle that fixed rails in the ground with thousands of potential riders draw new storefronts and businesses, as well as fixed up housing. That new development will put people to work and boost the city’s tax revenue.

Station Stops

There will be 18 stops located along the route.

Shelters, designed by Cincinnati-based DNK Architects and chosen because of their clean, simple and modular approach, are U.S. Department of Transportation 'Buy America' compliant. After researching stations along streetcar routes in several cities, DNK Architects developed a design that would be easily recognized and protect riders from the elements for the short time they will be waiting at stops.

Shelter rendering

The materials selected to construct the stations are easy to maintain and repair because of their modular construction. Each station will include a route map, information about the Streetcar system and an electronic sign displaying the arrival time of the next car, as well as important messages for riders.

Streetcar Vehicles

The City of Cincinnati has selected CAF USA as the preferred vendor to provide up to five modern streetcar vehicles to the Cincinnati Streetcar. Each vehicle will hold about 150 people.

Streetcar vehicle

The vehicles produced by CAF USA for the Cincinnati Streetcar must comply with the federal Buy America program, which requires the vehicles be produced with at least 60% domestic content and that final assembly of the vehicles take place in the United States. The Cincinnati vehicles will be assembled at CAF USA's facility in Elmira, NY.

CAF USA was selected through an extensive, federally compliant procurement process that began with the issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) in September 2011. Five vendors submitted proposals by the due date.

The vehicle offered by CAF USA is a conventionally-powered vehicle (via overhead wire) with a 100% low-floor design.

Maintenance Facility

A maintenance and operations facility is at the corner of Henry and Race streets at the northern tip of the route.

This will serve as a "base of operations" for the system, and is also the location where vehicles will be brought for maintenance and repairs.

Maintenance facility rendering