Clothing & Textile Recycling

Clothing & Textile Recycling

Help keep clothing, footwear, household textiles, and accessories out of our landfills.

When your clothing, footwear, household textiles (sheets, towels), and accessories are out of style, worn, torn, stained or just no longer useful, donate or recycle them.

It's really that easy!

What Can Be Recycled?

Textiles in any condition (worn, torn or stained) can all be recycled. All items should be clean and dry.

Where Does The Stuff Go To Get Recycled?

Right here in Ohio! The material collected in the Special Olympic containers from the drop of locations above is taken to Ohio Mills Corp located at 1719 East 39th Street, Cleveland Ohio, 44114.

Here the material is sorted into various grades and shipped to markets around the world.

View Map Of Drop-Off Sites

Ameristop 5687 Springdale Rd Cincinnati OH 45251
Big Lots Plaza 3690 Werk Rd Cincinnati OH 45248
Burlington Coat 5245 Ridge Ave Cincinnati OH 45213
Cherry Grove Plaza 454 Ohio Pike Cincinnati OH 45255
Elmwood Place Library 6118 Vine St Cincinnati OH 45216
Express Market 2199 Roosevelt Dr Cincinnati OH 45240
Family Dollar 15 Mary St Cincinnati OH 45216
FIrst Baptist Church 11195 Winton Road Cincinnati OH 45218
Fitworks 5840 Cheviot Rd. Cincinnati OH 45247
Fitworks 7910 Beechmont Ave Cincinnati OH 45255
Hollywood Video 11550 Winton Rd Cincinnati OH 45240
Home Emporium 5455 Ridge Rd Cincinnati OH 45213
IGA 9200 Reading Rd Cincinnati OH 45215
Kenny C’s Barber Shop 2130 Losantiville Road Cincinnati OH 45237
Kingdom Kids 630 Northland Blvd Cincinnati OH 45240
Kmart 4150 Hunt Rd Cincinnati OH 45236
Marathon 2790 Struble Road Cincinnati OH 45251
Marathon White Oak 6050 Cheviot Rd. Cincinnati OH 45247
Park Plaza 834 Ohio Pike Cincinnati OH 45245
Payless Shoe Source 4394 Eastgate Square Dr Cincinnati OH 45245
Pony Keg Supermarket 9452 Pippin Rd Cincinnati OH 45251
Sam's Club 800 Kemper Common Circle Cincinnati OH 45246
Shell/Citgo Food Mart 5394 N Bend Rd Cincinnati OH 45247
Sizzling Wok 8257 Beechmont Ave Cincinnati OH 45255
Springdale Cleaners 9300 Kenwood Rd Cincinnati OH 45242
Sunnybrook Mall 7990 Sunnybrook Dr Cincinnati OH 45237
Sycamore Plaza 7800 Montgomery Rd Cincinnati OH 45236
T Northgate Mall 9501 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati OH 45251
The Shady Lane Plaza 7593 Bridgetown Rd. Cincinnati OH 45248
Walgreen's 6901 Miami Ave Cincinnati OH 45243
Witthamsville Food Mart 979 Ohio Pike Cincinnati OH 45245