“I CAN SWIM!” Project and Scholarship Program

“I CAN SWIM!” Project and Scholarship Program

Every day, about 10 people die from unintentional drowning. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). CRC’s “I CAN SWIM!” project strives to lower this number – to decrease the number of deaths and injuries from water-related accidents.

CRC’s “I CAN SWIM!” Project and scholarship program is American Red Cross instruction designed to help swimmers of all ages begin, develop and refine their swimming skills.  It teaches swimming and water safety and helps children and adults to be safe in and around the water – regardless of the ability to pay. Here’s how the scholarship program works: those 4-17 can earn a pool membership by completing one session of swim lesson classes. When taking “I CAN SWIM!” lessons at any CRC pool (except Dunham – Otto Armleder), you are asked to pay more if you can, less if you can’t.

“I CAN SWIM!” is dedicated to the memory of Cameron Jeff (age 10) and his brother Bryce (age 8), who tragically drowned in a neighbor’s backyard pool because they were unable to swim. Spearheaded by their parents, the “I CAN SWIM!” project aims to give meaning to Cameron and Bryce’s heartbreaking deaths.

Dunham Otto Armleder, McKie and Pleasant Ridge Pools open May 25. All other CRC pools open June 3.

Go to the pool of your choice to register for “I CAN SWIM!” lessons. Scholarships for youth swim lessons are available at 25 CRC pools.

To be part of “I CAN SWIM!”, call 357-POOL (7665) or email aquatics@cincinnati-oh.gov.

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