Indoor Aquatic Center

Indoor Aquatic Center  $2.5 Million

LeBlond’s new indoor Aquatic Center will feature the largest four-lane, warm-water pool adjacent to a six-lane lap pool. The pools will be used for swim lessons, adapted aquatics, aquatic therapy, family swims, and fitness.

The new indoor Aquatic Center will provide a space for CRC’s Therapeutic Recreation Aquatics Programs that will include all ability levels. Each swimmer will receive individualized strategies and progressive teaching methods to make learning achievable and fun.

 CRC’s Therapeutic Recreation Aquatics Programs always consider each swimmer’s specific learning style, and will provide visual, auditory and sensory stimulation based on the needs of the individual.

 The goals of CRC’s Therapeutic Recreation Aquatic Programs are to promote and encourage:
• Safe, independent water play
• Participation in traditional, adapted or inclusive swim lesson programs
• Aquatic-based rehabilitation
• Competitive and non-competitive participation on a swim team
• Physical fitness and leisure lifestyle

The Division of Therapeutic Recreation strives to offer innovative program opportunities to improve the leisure lifestyles and quality of life for individuals. Therapeutic Recreation Aquatic Programs are on the forefront of diverse aquatic programming.

Listed below are examples of Therapeutic Recreation Aquatic Programs offered to individuals with and without disabilities:

•              Adapted Aquatics
•              Learn to Swim Programs
•              Arthritis Aquatics including Range of Motion
•              Sensory Snorkeling
•              Splash+Dash Land and Water Motor Skill Play
•              Parent/Child Aquatics
•              Disability Water Safety Events
•              School Swims and Adapted PE
•              Aquacise
•              Water Walking
•              Aqua Fitness Running, Speed/Cross Training
•              Triathlon Training
•              Aquatic Therapy such as Ai Chi and Watsu
•              Aqua Yoga
•              Competitive Swim Team
•              Splash Party Movie Nights
•              Sensory-Specific Swim Special Events
•              Hydro Cycling
•              Aqua Kickboxing
•              Rehabilitation Programs
•              Free/Open Swim
•              Kayaking and Canoeing Skills
•              SCUBA
•              Water Volleyball
•              Water Polo
•              Underwater Hockey
•              Synchronized Swimming