Cincinnati Recreation Commission

Cincinnati Recreation Commission

OTR Boxing Center

Tuesday, July 23 marked the “ground-filling” announcement regarding the arrival of CRC’s boxing program to CRC’s Over the Rhine Recreation Center. The indoor pool at OTR has been filled in and the space will be home to the Cincinnati Golden Gloves for Youth and the Cincinnati Police Athletic League.

On November 1, 2013 the brand new boxing facility was dedicated with a ribbon cutting ceremony in the center ring. Renovations to the space include a new paint theme, placement of a vintage ring and two side rings, flooring and a ceiling fan. The vintage center ring once housed boxing matches for local fighters such as Aaron Pryor, Ezzard Charles and Joe Louis.

The boxing program, which was previously housed at the Mt. Auburn Recreation Center, moved to the OTR Center which will have a dedicated, renovated space.

The boxing program highlights – in addition to the fundamentals of the sport – the development of life skills such as such as fair play, sportsmanship, responsible conduct and a commitment to schoolwork. Each youth boxer is held accountable for his/her grades – their grades must reach at least a C average, or the boxer is suspended from the program. Also, each boxer is required to sign a code of conduct which emphasizes positivity and responsibility.

Thanks goes to local business entrepreneur and owner of 60+ LaRosa’s pizzerias, Buddy LaRosa, for his contributions to the boxing program. Because of his involvement, kids are able to participate in boxing who normally would not have the opportunity.