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Mailing Address: 805 Central Avenue, Suite 800 · Cincinnati, OH 45202

All telephone numbers are area code 513.

Topic Person Phone Email
General Information
CRC InfoLine
Interim Director of Recreation Steve Pacella 352-4961
Interim Superintendent of Recreation Steve Gerth 352-4043
Recreation Commission Liaison Bunny Arszman 352-4005
West Region Supervisor
(Recreation Centers: College Hill, Dunham, Hartwell, Lincoln, McKie, Millvale, Over the Rhine, Price Hill, Sayler Park, Westwood Town Hall & Winton Hills)
Tim Heyl 352-4023

East Region Supervisor
(Recreation Centers: Bond Hill, Bush, Clifton, Corryville, Evanston, Hirsch, Madisonville, Mt. Washington, North Avondale, Oakley & Pleasant Ridge)

Temp SRC 352-4944  
Special Services Supervisor
(Aquatics, Adult & Youth Athletics, Seniors, Therapeutics/LeBlond, Youth & Family Services)
Lois Finnell 352-4027
Aquatics Coordinator Jincey Yemaya 352-4002
Adult Athletics/Sports Coordinator Tammi Nuber 352-1627
Seniors Coordinator Dina Hanks 352-4022
Therapeutics Coordinator (at LeBlond Recreation Center) Alayne Kazin 352-4945
Youth & Teen Services Coordinator Daryl Harris 352-4047
Planning & Development Engineering/Tech Services Supervisor Dan Jones 352-4045
Trades/Facilities & Outdoor Maintenance Supervisor Harry Wood 352-3106
Human Resources Manager Doris Simmons

IT Manager Jim Hemmings 352-4612
Golf Supervisor Steve Pacella 352-4961