Meetings & Minutes

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission is made up of five board members and two non-voting youth members. The Commission holds monthly public meetings and is responsible for setting CRC policy.

Note: All Meetings are at 4 p.m. unless otherwise specified. Minutes are listed by date beneath the schedule.

2015 Meetings

Commission Meeting


Highlight Responsibility/


Tuesday, January 20th

Center Highlight – Bush Recreation Center 2640 Kemper Lane (06)

Tuesday, February 17th

Center Highlight – Clifton Recreation Center, 320 McAlpin Ave. (20)

Tuesday, March 17th

Golf Division Highlight – Glenview Golf Course, 10965 Springfield Pike (46)

Tuesday, April 21st

Communication & Design – Main Office

Tuesday, May 19th

Center Highlight – Price Hill Recreation Center, 959 Hawthorne Ave (05)

Tuesday, June 16h  

TR Highlight – LeBlond Recreation Center, 2335 Riverside Dr. (02)

Tuesday, July 21st   

Camp CRC Highlight – Main Office

Tuesday, August 18th  

Center Highlight – Winton Hills Recreation Center, 5170 Winneste Ave. (32)

Tuesday, September 15th  

Urban Youth Academy Highlight, Roselawn Sports Complex, 2026 Seymour Ave. (37)

Tuesday, October 20th  

Youth & Family Services – Main Office

Tuesday, November 17th

Indoor/Outdoor Maintenance Highlight – Dunham Maintenance Building, 4356 Dunham Ln. (38)

Tuesday, December 15th   

Human Resources Highlight – Main Office