Clean Energy

The temperature of our planet is steadily rising; this is a cause for concern. Carbon dioxide and other harmful gas emissions as a result of human activity are contributing to global warming. This increase in temperature can lead to environmental issues, extreme climate conditions, and increased healthcare costs. Reliance on renewable energy is needed to counter this problem. The use of clean energy can lead to decreased healthcare costs, a decline in respiratory complications that afflict many citizens, and decreased premature mortality.

Cincinnati introduced an electric aggregation program in June of 2012 that saved 53,000 residents an average of $133 annually. The city is focused on promoting clean air and less harmful methods to provide energy and we want to continue to lead among cities nationwide in the effort to provide citizens with cost-efficient renewable energy resources. Clean air means healthier residents, increased savings for residents, and just an overall improvement to the quality of life. Councilman Young is a proud supporter and contributor to Cincinnati's clean energy initiative.