Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Water Treatment


State-Of-The-Art Water Treatment

Safe water is our top priority.

Greater Cincinnati Water Works uses the latest treatment techniques in its state-of-the-art facilities to remove harmful contaminants. Cincinnati has been recognized nationally for its excellent drinking water.

GCWW has always met or exceeded all state and federal health standards for drinking water.

Most GCWW customers receive water from the Miller Plant on the Ohio River (diagram below). Granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment at Miller gives GCWW an edge in water quality management. GAC allows us to use substantially less chlorine in the treatment process.

GCWW pioneered the use of GAC treatment and has one of the largest GAC facilities in the U.S.

Granular Activated Carbon diagram, 2

GCWW also uses source water from its Bolton Wellfield on the Great Miami Aquifer (an aquifer is buried sand and gravel filled with water). It is located in the portion of the aquifer served by the Hamilton to New Baltimore Consortium, which has developed an award-winning source water protection program to protect the aquifer.