Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Water Quality Reports


GCWW publishes an annual Water Quality Report for its customers. Updated by April 1 of each year, this publication complies with the U.S. EPA's National Primary Drinking Water Regulation for Consumer Confidence Reports.

Every year, GCWW water meets or exceeds all state and federal health standards for drinking water .

GCWW treats about 132 million gallons of water a day on average and conducts about 600 tests daily throughout the water treatment and distribution process, including:

  • Source waters are tested routinely before they enter treatment plants.
  • Water is tested after each step in the treatment process.
  • Water samples from the distribution system are analyzed in our laboratories.
  • Monitors with alarms are also located throughout the treatment plants and in the distribution system to continuously monitor water quality.

The Ohio EPA reviews test results on a monthly basis.  

GCWW draws its water from the Ohio River and the Great Miami Aquifer near Fairfield and uses state-of-the-art water treatment technology including:

  • Granular Activated Carbon adsorption
  • Sand filtration
  • Ultraviolet disinfection (UV)