Water Quality Reports

The annual Water Quality Report is prepared to meet the EPA's National Primary Drinking Water Regulation for Consumer Confidence Reports.

GCWW water met or exceeded all state and federal health standards for drinking water in 2012, as it always has.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency reviews test results monthly to ensure that health standards are consistently met. GCWW tests for many more substances that consistently meet all state and federal health standards established for drinking water.

  • Source waters are tested routinely before they enter treatment plants.
  • Water is tested after each step in the treatment process.
  • Water samples from the distribution system are analyzed in our laboratories.
  • Monitors with alarms are also located throughout the treatment plants and in the distribution system to continuously monitor water quality.

GCWW Mason customers also can also find information on where their water comes from, their water treatment and quality and frequently asked questions in this report.