Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Major Projects


In order to provide our customers with a plentiful supply of high quality water, Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) optimizes water treatment processes and operations and proactively replaces more than 30 miles of aging water mains each year. These enhancements also improve water flow and pressure.  At GCWW, we strive to be a leader in regional solutions.

GCWW Engineering Division Major Projects Update:
as of 12/11/2015


No ID, No Entry:

If someone comes to your door and says they are with the Greater Cincinnati Water Works, ask for identification. Our Field Personnel wear blue or brown uniforms with patches on their hats and sleeves that read "Cincinnati Water Works." Each employee also carries a picture ID. GCWW sometimes uses contractors for certain services, including our meter change-outs. Our contractors will have a GCWW ID as well as their company ID. Always ask to see the ID before you let anyone into your home.