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Public Outreach

Public outreach activities for the Cincinnati Streetcar project have occurred through public meetings and presentations with stakeholders and citizens, the project website, direct mailings and news articles since 2007.

Open meeting at City Hall about the streetcarCity representatives have taken part in more 50 community briefings and public presentations since May 2007 to educate the public about the Streetcar project. These included presentations to the business community, young professionals, at the annual Neighborhood Summit, and meetings of the Cincinnati City Council.

In Fall 2009, the public was invited to four open-house meetings within the Streetcar Feasibility Study area; seven additional meetings were held throughout the City of Cincinnati outside the study area. In February 2011, the City sent about 6,000 postcards to citizens and businesses near the route to detail the benefits of the streetcar and provided an opportunity for citizens to sign up for project updates and construction news.

Also, since 1995, several projects and plans for public transportation in the region have promoted the development of a modern streetcar as a transportation option for the City of Cincinnati. Streetcars, and/or the physical accommodation of rail modes that include streetcar, were included in the Fort Washington Way, Central Riverfront, MetroMoves, Central Area Loop, and Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) Long Range Plan Update projects.

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Educational Materials

Streetcar Stakeholders Construction Update - April 9, 2014

As streetcar construction progresses through OTR and Downtown, the project team is hosting regular outreach meetings to let business, residents, and property managers along the route learn more about how they might be affected by construction activities.  All members of the public are encouraged to attend.

Click below for a copy of the presentation from the first of these meetings on April 9, 2014.


This brief video explains the reason for building the streetcar: More jobs, more people and more development.

Cincinnati Streetcar Presentation

On April 29, 2013, the City Manager made a presentation to the Cincinnati City Council's Budget & Finance Committee about the rationale for the streetcar, the history of the project, its current status and some future options.

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Feasibility Studies

The Cincinnati Streetcar Feasibility Study was conducted by HDR Decision Economics and validated by the University of Cincinnati’s Economic Center for Education and Research. This study examines the factors of land use, traffic engineering, environmental impact, and cost in order to determine the practicability of a streetcar in Cincinnati. Additionally, the Feasibility Study measures the economic benefits to the community from such an investment.

Feasibility Study  Economic Analysis