Streetcar Reports $12.5M In Construction Contracts to DBEs

Oct. 25

Streetcar Project Reports $12.5 Million In Construction Contracts To Disadvantaged Businesses

Messer, Prus, Delta Joint Venture (MPD), constructor of the Cincinnati Streetcar, today reported the JV has met the inclusion goal for the project, awarding 18% of construction contracts to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs).

The contracts total more than $12.5 million to nine companies with DBE certification.

MPD is building the 3.6-mile streetcar loop with total construction spend estimated at $70 million.

The streetcar project receives money from the federal government as well as local sources, and therefore, the project must use a DBE goal rather than a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) goal as seen in other locally-funded building projects.

The DBE goal for the civil construction contract for the streetcar project is 18%. The goal was based on an analysis of the highly-specialized scopes of work in the construction contract and available registered DBEs in the area. Disadvantaged businesses are involved in many areas of the construction, including: preparing streets for rail, building the Maintenance & Operations Facility, installing the street signalization and poles, and the station stops.

"MPD is committed to inclusion and we are pleased to have met the 18% DBE goal for construction contracts," said Mark Luegering, senior vice president of Messer Construction Co. "We sought-out disadvantaged businesses during the bid period and award of contracts to play a significant role in construction and are pleased with the quality of our subcontractors."

DBE Firms awarded contracts include: ABEL, Bansal, Bowman, Cannon, Ezzie Trucking, Firstar, Jostin Construction, Rod Tech, and TriState. Construction work is on schedule to be completed fall 2016.

Messer Construction Co. is the managing partner of MPD and is a construction manager and general contractor providing leadership for complex commercial building projects. Founded in 1932, Messer has built a premier reputation through outstanding construction experiences and value with a focus on health care, life sciences, higher education, and industrial markets. An employee-owned company, Messer ranks nationally as one of the premier health care and higher education builders and Top 100 largest contractors. Messer was honored with the 2009 International Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence by the Council of Better Business Bureaus for superior commitment to exceptional standards that benefit customers, employees, suppliers and surrounding communities. In fiscal 2012, Messer put in place more than $792 million in commercial construction.

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