Elm Street Reduced To 1 Lane

Section Of Elm Street Reduced To 1 Lane

Construction for the Cincinnati Streetcar's track bed will require removal of stone pavers* along Elm Street for cleaning & storage, affecting the section of road between Music Hall and Washington Park.

Elm Street will be reduced to one lane between 12th and 14th streets beginning Monday, Sept. 16, 2013.

The left-hand lane will remain open, and traffic will be maintained. (A "taper" funneling traffic to the left lane will begin just south of 12th Street.)

The Elm Street entrance to the Washington Park Garage will remain open at this time.

Also, as we explained in last week's newsletter, 14th Street will be closed between Central Parkway and Race Street for sewer work.

*The pavers will be placed back in Elm Street as part of track construction.