Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What's the budget for the Cincinnati Streetcar and how will it be paid for?
    The budget for the Cincinnati Streetcar is $147.81 million. It will be funded through federal and local sources. You can find more information on the Streetcar Funding webpage.
  2. Can streetcar funds be used for other civic operations, including fire, police and trash services?
    No, the capital fund budget for the City of Cincinnati cannot be used for operating expenses. The capital funds set aside for the construction of the Cincinnati Streetcar cannot be used for police officers, firefighters, trash collectors or recreation center staff. Additionally, state and federal funds specifically for streetcar and transportation projects are also helping to build the streetcar.
  3. How do streetcars move in city streets?
    Streetcars are electric vehicles that operate on rails embedded in the streets. They operate with regular traffic. They pull alongside street curbs at specified stops for passengers to get on and off of them.
  4. Will the streetcars interfere with bus routes?
    Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) is a partner in the Cincinnati Streetcar team to make sure that streetcar routes complement, and do not conflict with, current bus routes.
  5. What is the fare going to be on the Cincinnati Streetcar?
    The official fare price has yet to be determined.
  6. How will I pay for my fare on the Cincinnati Streetcar?
    Fare payment machines will be located at station stops and at strategic points along the route.
  7. What hours will the streetcar run?
    The City is working with Metro, the operator of the streetcar, to refine hours of operation. The system is generally envisioned to run Monday through Thursday and on Sunday from about 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, it will operate from about 6 a.m. to midnight. On Metro-designated holidays, the streetcar will follow the Sunday schedule. (It's typical with any new transit service that adjustments are made based on observed ridership and customer feedback. Metro, working with the City, will evaluate service adjustments after a "settling-in period.")
  8. How many streetcars will be part of the system?
    Cincinnati will have five modern cars on the first segment of the streetcar route, which is 4 miles long with stops located about every two blocks along the route.
  9. What does Cincinnati's streetcar look like?
    The City of Cincinnati has selected CAF USA to provide vehicles for the Cincinnati Streetcar. Please see the rendering to view examples of the vehicles. Note that the actual color scheme has not yet been finalized.
  10. How accessible are modern streetcars?
    The Cincinnati Streetcar will be very accessible to persons of all abilities. In fact, the Cincinnati Streetcar will be the first 100% low-floor modern streetcar vehicle operating in the United States. This means greater accessibility for individuals using wheelchairs. Also, vehicles have level-floor boarding and entrances on both sides of the car and audio & visual elements accessible to all riders. The floor of the streetcar is level with the curb, allowing quick access for wheeled vehicles (bicycles, strollers, wheelchairs, scooters and personal shopping carts). The dual-sided access doors allow the streetcar to operate on either side of the street, as needed to minimize traffic conflicts.
  11. How many wires does a streetcar have?
    The Cincinnati Streetcar is powered by a single overhead wire, which will reduce visual clutter.