Transportation Funding through ARRA

ARRA allocated approximately $936 million to the State of Ohio. While the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is responsible for distributing much of this amount across the state, local Metropolitan Planning Organizations, such as the OKI Regional Council of Governments (OKI), were also charged with distributing funds among their regional jurisdictions.

OKI received approximately $30 million for distribution among eight counties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, including Hamilton County. Three projects in Cincinnati totaling $5,575,000, will receive ARRA funding through the OKI 2030 Regional Transportation Plan.

  1. Waldvogel Viaduct Rail Relocation – $1,075,000
  2. Computerized Traffic Control system Interconnect - $2,750,000
  3. Ohio River Trail (Wilmer to Carrel) - $1,750,000

OKI also allocated $1.5 million to Hamilton County to further fund The Banks project.

In addition, ODOT has allocated another $49.6 million in ARRA transportation funding for Cincinnati/Hamilton County projects:

  1. $23.5 million of this allocated to Hamilton County for The Banks project in Cincinnati:
    • Banks Transit Center - $5,000,000
    • Riverfront Intermodal Center Phase 2 - $10,500,000
    • Banks Street Grid - $8,000,000
  2. I-75 Rehabilitation - $6,100,000
  3. Eastern Corridor Development - $20,000,000