Other ARRA Funding Activity

Public Safety

The City of Cincinnati's Police Department is receiving $1.2 million from a FEMA/Department of Homeland Security grant to acquire an Underwater Remotely Controlled Vehicle, two outboard motor boat engines, wireless remote controlled surveillance cameras and alarm systems for bridges, office construction for Real Time Crime Center supervision, and air conditioning and ventilation for the Real Time Crime Center.

  • FEMA Grant Memo
  • FEMA Recovery Website
  • Department of Homeland Security Recovery Website

Health Department

The Health Department applied for and received 2 grants through its relationship as a sub-grantee with Neighborhood Health Centers. The funds are restricted to the operation of the Elm Street Health Center. The first grant, an Increased Demand for Services or IDS grant, provides $181,000 over a two-year period running from April 2009 through March 2011 to preserve 2 nursing positions at the Center.

The second grant was under the Capital Improvement Program. The Health Department will receive $300,000 to assist in the implementation of electronic health records.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Round 2 (NSP2)

This is a competitive grant program allocated by HUD, which makes available $1.93 billion nationwide for foreclosure remediation. NSP2 is also disbursing $50 million for technical assistance grants to increase capacity in local communities receiving NSP1 fund or any entity receiving NSP2 funding to carry out neighborhood stabilization activities.

The City of Cincinnati initiated work with Hamilton County, the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA), the Model Group, and the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) to form a qualifying consortium to apply for the funds. The Hamilton County Department of Community Development is the Consortium’s lead agency on a grant application that is in excess of $50 million.

  • NSP2 Memo
  • NSP2 Program Information
  • US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development Recovery Website