Homelessness Prevention & Rapid Re-housing Grant Program (HPRP)

This is a formula grant program, allocated through the US Department of Housing & Urban Development, “to provide homelessness prevention assistance to households who would otherwise become homeless…and to provide assistance to rapidly re-house persons who are homeless.” Cincinnati is eligible for up to $5,339,182. Hamilton County is eligible for up to $1,396,621.

Pursuant to program guidelines, City staff worked with the Hamilton County Continuum of Care to develop a recommended plan for the use of these funds.  On May 15, 2009, City Council passed Ord. # 0127-2009, authorizing the submission of a Substantial Amendment to the City’s 2008 Consolidated Plan/Action Plan reflecting the proposed Homelessness Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing Plan.   The application was submitted to HUD by the deadline of May 18, 2009.